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BUY refurbished Hardware or RECYCLE Unwanted Technology

Here You Can

With an emphasis on recycling, we specialize in purchasing and selling mobile & personal computers, barcode printers & scanners, POS equipment, and much more.


We are here to assist in supporting your mobile computer, barcode printing and point of sale fleet, whether it be repairs, replacements, additions, or decommissions!

Buy From Us

Mobile computers

Quickly replace or add a unit in your fleet! Experience shorter lead times, reduced costs and unmatched support.

Repair & Re-Deploy

worker repairing electronics

Bring your defective assets back to life! Let us help you reduce your total cost of ownership and extend the life of your data capture assets.

Sell Your Equipment

Mobile Computers and Printers

When you are ready to decommission your fleet, rest assured we will be there to provide you with an economical and environmentally appropriate outlet.

Looking to sell old hardware?

We'll buy it!

Find out just how much you can get, contact us now!

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Premium Quality Service & Products

Find out just how much we can do for you, contact us now!

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