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About Us

Handprint Inc. specializes in a suite of services and products centered around enterprise barcoding equipment, premium IT equipment and environmental stewardship. We have developed a reputation with our clients as a responsive and proactive partner. Due to our flexibility and speed in diagnosing issues and providing solutions for the vast majority of challenges, our clients trust us to assist in various ways, whether it be repairs, replacements, additions or revenue generation.

Handprint Inc. got its start by supplying barcoding equipment to budget-conscious clients that needed speed, quality and reliability. As we have evolved, our operation has grown to provide solutions for several different product lines and now you can purchase them from us directly, here at handprintinc.com.

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Great Quality at Great Prices

No corners cut, no short cuts taken. We bring product back to its fully functional capability while offering it at prices you will be happy with.

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Customer Focused

Our mission is to eliminate your pain points and allow you to focus on your core business, while we focus on meeting your goals with your mobile enterprise equipment.

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Component Repair

Even if you have a component level issue, we can assist in bringing your product back to full functionality. Whether it is a reset switch or a back up battery, we can do it!

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Flexible Solutions

Do you have a unique issue? Share it with us and allow us to help you solve it. Our extensive experience has gifted us with knowledge to help you!

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HandPrint Warranty

Handprint is not only our name, it is our mark and we stand by our work. Every piece of equipment we fix and/or supply you with that is fully functional comes with a warranty!

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Extensive Inventory

Our stock consists of hard to find and popular parts. We support equipment that is the latest generation and we support generations of the past.

Looking to sell old hardware?

We'll buy it!

Find out just how much you can get, contact us now!

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