Handprint Inc. offers a suite of services that are tailored to save you money, minimize downtime and maximize your return on decommissioned assets. Whether it be servicing your mobile computers, purchasing your fleet of tablets, or cutting your budget in half by supplying refurbished, quality product, we are here to help! Contact us today and let’s get started!

Life Cycle Services

Mobile Computer barcode scanners

Maintain Your Fleet

When you are tracking your assets, productivity is of paramount importance. Maintaining accurate counts with speed and efficiency are key to completing tasks on time and allowing your operation to focus on what it does best! When your devices are idle because they are not performing correctly it slows down your team, lowers productivity and ultimately decreases margins. 

With our help, you can get those idle assets up and running in a matter of days and while we are working on them we can provide you with replacements to reduce downtime even more. 

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Equipment Replacement

Do you ever wish you could just pick up the phone and get a fully functioning device to your facility by the next day?

We make it as simple as that. Our equipment replacement program is a responsive process that gets a device in the hands of your team member(s) as quickly as possible, while also offering an option to send your defective devices to us. 

Mobile Printers

Refurbished & Used Stock Purchasing

How much is your budget for mobile computer and other asset tracking equipment?

What if you could reduce it by as much as 50%, would you? With our help, we can provide you with refurbished, or fully functional, used products that will get the job done just as well as new products, while significantly reducing your budget.

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Equipment Leasing

It is peak season for your business and you need to increase your inventory and your labor pool, which means you need to increase the number of mobile computing devices you have.

You do not want to buy them, right? Why would you?

You only need them for one quarter of the year. Avoid that all together by working with us to rent the devices on a short-term lease.

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Buy-Backs & Trade-Ins

Are you done with the equipment you purchased from us, or do you have equipment you no longer need that you purchased from another firm?

Contact us today to find out how we can help maximize the decommission process! Handprint Inc. purchases mobile computers, barcode scanners, barcode printers, receipt printers and other point of sale technology, as well as laptops, toughbooks and tablets!

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Technology Recycling

Why throw your equipment away when it still has value?

Electronics have precious metals in them and they can often be refurbished and recycled back into the market, whether it be as functioning units, parts, or as broken down commodities. Rather than thrown in the landfill, where we cannot take advantage of the still valuable components, contact us today and let’s discuss how we can benefit along with the environment!